Set in Concrete – Urban Screening in Paris by PvonK

From 20-23 of October 2011 the Urban Screenings “Set in Concrete”, curated by PvonK with support from Mirjam Struppek will take place on the oldest outside concrete Wall of Paris situated right next to the Seine. Daily screening at 7pm. It is hosted by Cité de la Mode et du Design Paris during Chic Art Fair.
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Art on Public Screens Exhibition 1, Stavanger

Dancing Hands

An exhibition on urban screens in Stavanger’s public and semi public spaces, organised by i/o/lab.

Photo: “Give Earth a Hand” by Daniel Bird at Sparebank © M.Struppek

“Hands are our most precious human tools, reaching out with our sensual desire to touch and create. Their delicate fingers can move gracefully like dancers so their movements can tell us vivid stories about their doings. As means of expression hands enable us to communicate without voice in our sound overloaded modern cities. Urban Screens are a medium that often has to work without sound. In this selection of short films hands are silently speaking to us, becoming dancing symbols for a dream of actively creating, liberating and helping hands. The artists are telling us stories surrounding the image of this powerful tool…”

Curator: Mirjam Struppek


MAK Center for Art & Architecture is pleased to present its most ambitious project to date: How Many Billboards? Art in Stead. This large-scale urban outdoor exhibition debuts 21 newly commissioned artworks, presented simultaneously on billboards in Los Angeles from February – April, 2010.

HOW MANY BILLBOARDS? Panel Discussions

Ad companies want to add 800+ electronic billboards to Los Angeles.Thousands are up illegally in LA. To whom will you sell your eyeballs? Is public space best used to pump the economy during global warming? As ads switch from intrusive to inclusive experiences, what is their difference from art? How have other cities presented large scale art and contained ad space? Moderating two panels for the MAK Center in conjunction with the exhibition How Many Billboards?, Anne Bray will ponder these questions and more.

– Tuesday, April 6, 7pm, Lecture by Renee Green
– Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 7pm
Panel 1: Visual Rights to the City
– Thursday, April 15, 7pm
Panel 2: The Visual Ecology of Advertising and Architecture

(featuring a.o.

Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 is approaching

3-4 February 2010
MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL WORKSHOP 2010 at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB). The curators, producers and partners will meet to develop the Joint Bradcasting Events starting on 27 August 2010.
2-8 February 2010
MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL EUROPE 2010 will be presented in the Exchange Future programme at the transmediale.10
A joint initiative by Public Art Lab (Berlin) with FACT (Liverpool), m-cult (Helsinki), iMAL (Brussels) Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz), Kitchen (Budapest), Medialab-Prado (Madrid)

"Shared Encounters" – book release

Shared Encounters
Series: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Willis, K.S.; Roussos, G.; Chorianopoulos, K.; Struppek, M. (Eds.)
2010, XX, 311 p. 49 illus., Hardcover, Springer

Every day we share encounters with others as we inhabit the space around us. In offering insights and knowledge on this increasingly important topic, it highlights the multifaceted nature of collective experience and provides a deeper understanding of the nature and value of shared encounters in everyday life. A valuable reference for anyone designing ubiquitous media, mobile social software and LBS applications, this volume will also be useful to researchers, students and practitioners in fields ranging from computer science to urban studies.

Urban Screens Toronto 2010, Call for Submissions

Call for Interactive Media and Video Art

Submission deadline: MARCH 1 / 2010

The exhibition I am here; what can we do? is part of Urban Screens Toronto 2010, an international urban screens conference and exhibition taking place between September 24th-30th. Themes include: The meeting point of the real and the virtual; work that incorporates media technology and contemporary building/architectural technology; user-generated content; multi-site, networked projects; work that addresses public spaces and civic engagement. More information here.